Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Bread and Shower Caps

Bread making is going really well, it's surprising how quickly you get into the habit of doing something after a break of months.  Especially when the end result is something so tasty, and is cheaper than most shop bought breads.

I keep all my ingredients in the stainless steel breadbin next to Ken ... my right hand man when it comes to making bread ... if they are all to hand it helps me just get on with it and I can see if I am running out of supplies at a glance.  I still have one more each of the white and brown strong bread flours in the cupboard, although the bags seen in this photo are now much depleted. 

The recipe is in there too on it's little post-it, and even though it's now second nature to do everything I do check it as I'm going through the stages, it's easy to get distracted and miss out the salt, which although you may think would make bread healthier in fact makes for a bloody awful tasting loaf of bread  :-(

Anyway you may have wondered about the title of this post, well here's a tip I have used for years now when you're covering the bread for it's first proving it's a great idea to use a shower cap. 

Firstly it makes a brilliant airtight seal, secondly unlike clingfilm it's reusable, just a wipe down after you've used it and it can go back into it's little box ready for next time.  Thirdly, if you go to hotels they are usually free ... and as Alan has a large three day business meeting three times a year in a rather nice hotel he is able to keep me well supplied.

So bread and shower caps ... two things that are back in my life to stay. 

And it's good that I have had a bit of practise because over our rationing period starting 12th February I will be making all our own bread.  I'll most likely make it a bit browner than our usual half and half mix of flours to make it more authentic for our Living on Rations month and because we will need to get the added goodness that more brown flour will give us.

Sue xx


  1. Shower caps are also great for covering food in bowls in the fridge and they're easy to wash, should they get marked. Very useful things indeed.
    J x

  2. Yes, I use a shower cap for my breadmaking too. I'm making most of our bread now, for both health and cost reasons....oh, and because it tastes so much better! Although it is tempting to eat too much of it....

  3. at one point we were on a salt free diet, as far as humanly possible, and salt free bread with salt free butter is disgusting. blotting paper with grease might have been better. I make most of our bread, I do pick up the odd "artisan" loaf is it has a yellow sticker and is less than 50p.

  4. I have been using your bread recipe since you posted it at the beginning of January and it makes excellent bread. I won't be buying bread anymore.

  5. Good idea with the shower cap. I wasn't going to bake anymore bread when I can get it cheaper and also my time is better spent on money making at the moment, until we reach our goal, but as you will see from my latest post I am cutting down on supermarket spending and trying to avoid the supermarkets as much as possible, and making do and trying to cook and bake as much as possible. When I have baked it my husband says it is much tastier than shop bought and I do agree.

  6. Ohhh, I am going to have to gather some shower caps the next time we stay in a hotel.

    God bless.

  7. Shower caps for me too. There's a shop here called Action that sells assorted sizes covers similar to shower caps, but only a couple are suitable for mixing bowls. The tiddly ones would be good for jam though.

  8. Afternoon Sue

    What a brilliant idea of what to use shower caps for! We're on our jollies soon, so shall make sure that at least one 'falls' into my suitcase. ;-) We make our own bread with a bread maker, which mostly is ok. The odd mishap, but that's ok.

    Loving your ideas.

    Carol (CMW)

  9. Apart from a very occasional oat and seed loaf which doesn't require proving, I don't make bread but I think the shower cap ideas is ingenious. I don't blame you for checking the recipe. There is a particular cake that I make regularly but the other day Ihad just put it in the oven when I noticed three eggs on the worktop! I took it back out of the oven and added them! No damage done but it proves even if you know a recipe inside out, you can still get it wrong!

  10. I used a shower cap for years to cover my dough but then I read that shower caps are not made from food grade plastic and can be dangerous so I threw the cap away. I use plastic wrap occasionally but mostly I use a linen tea towel and a hand towel. Has anyone else heard that shower caps are unsafe for use on food? If not I might consider using one again because they were very effective. Thanks Sue. Best of luck with your rations....I look forward to following along.


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