Friday, 26 January 2018

Itchy Green Fingers

I decided to give my brain a day off from thinking about food rationing and portion sizes yesterday and instead got out my seed box and started thinking about what I would be growing in the coming months.  After all digging for victory is all about the actual growing of your own food

As you can see from these photos, the only seeds I decided to start doing something with at the moment are onion seeds and carrot seeds.  Seemingly after doing some reading I discovered if I plant carrots in pots in  the polytunnel and cover them with multi layers of fleece or bubble wrap I stand a good chance of having an early harvest of homegrown carrots by May. 

Well it's worth a go :-)

I got this free in one of my last editions of Kitchen Garden magazine.  So I think I'll make full use of it and keep notes on what I plant and when.

Handy tips on one side and space to write things on the other.

It's that time of year for veggie growers ... you want to get going but you just know it's too cold to really do anything other than plan and try a few experimental things.  After over four years of being here in North Wales ... even with the polytunnel ... I know there's not much point in going mad with seed sowing until at least mid to late March.  That way I get nice strong, quick growing  seedlings instead of weaker, leggy specimens.

But my green fingers are getting itchy .....

Sue xx


  1. How I would love a poly tunnel!
    Funnily enough, I was starting to think about the garden for this year too. But I still have to sort out last year's mess. Perhaps I will get going if the weather is cheering today - I'm feeling a bit more energetic today!
    Thanks - you are an inspiration!
    J x

  2. We bought our shallot sets this week. Mr GBT thinks he might start by digging out the compost and filling the raised beds as he can't start planting yet.

  3. Helped my son plant an amaryllis bulb this morning, and then we walked to school talking about which veg seeds he'd like to sow later in the year, and whether he was willing to do any weeding!

  4. I came across a packet of nasturtium seeds in a forgotten cupboard last week. They must have been there quite a few years. Do you think they will sprout?

    1. I planted some inherited from my neighbour and at least 7 years out of date. About half the seeds germinated so well worth planting.

  5. I like how you arrange your seeds. I put mine in month order and as I sow they get moved up to the next month if appropriate. We have had an allotment for 18 years. I love it. I get really excited about starting a new year.


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