Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Monthly Round Up - End of Month One

Here it is already, the final day of the first month of our year long Challenge.

For a five week month it went surprisingly quickly, so I think a quick round up is in order before we grit our teeth and move on into month two.  So what have we been up to in January ...

We've worked on getting back to simple food, porridge or toast for breakfast most days, with the odd eggy breakfast for Alan or bowl of cereal grabbed on the hop.

We've eaten good nourishing, but cheap to prepare meals, making extras to put in the freezer for days when we are busy.  It's always nice to have a good homemade ready meal stashed away.

We've made copious pans of soup, making full use of all trimmings and water from cooking vegetables.  Potato water is always good to add to homemade soup and if I don't need it within a day or two it gets stashed away in the freezer.

We've been trying to eat our way through bought in prepared foods, like these fishless fingers ... which we both really like.  Taking temptation away will help us no end once we begin our Living on Rations in a couple of weeks.

Alan's project of the month was a massive tidy up of the garage space.  We had a small load of logs delivered to boost our own supplies, our wood wasn't  really seasoned enough and was burning cool, and dampish wood is not good for a log burner.  So we now have two storage spaces for logs and ...

... with the wood and logs up off the floor there's actually more room in the garage for the cars  ;-)

And so ... to the spending or should I say saving, which after all in the main purpose of our Challenging year.  This month I have spent more than I meant to ... but I simply could not resist my enamel teapot ...

... or it's friend, the enamel flour bin  :-)

Total Spending on Unnecessary Items     £46.28

Total Spend on Food £ 45.63

Left in the Purse  £317.26

I have leeks in my wellies  ;-)

And so we go forward into February, which to me is always a bit of a hopeful month.  There's Spring to look forward to and it's creeping just that little bit nearer.  The ground is begging  to be tidied and fed ready for growing another years food.   My gardening fingers get that little bit itchier and out come the gardening books ... and this year we have rationing to look forward to.  Not in a bad way but in the way that hopefully will show us just what we can manage on.  Choosing the crops to dig for victory with makes it even more important this year.

Relying on wartime rations for the next few weeks will focus our minds on the vegetables and fruits we need to provide for ourselves in years to come as well as saving us money and  hopefully improving our health this year.  Roll on 12th February and the start of rationing ... but in the meantime I have plenty of time to menu plan and carry on with a bit of research.

Thank you for reading along and joining in with your comments and helpful hints and tips throughout this first month of this year long Challenge.  There will be another book giveaway to say thank you to all those who have signed up to be Followers at some point during February.

Sue xx


  1. You have done extremely well, I can't believe how little you have spent, well done, never feel guilty about a treat or two we all need them and your enamel ware will give you much enjoyment over the years to come.

  2. I completely agree. They may be a 'treat' but they have already given you and us much pleasure and will continue so to do. Our bellies need filling, sure, but so do our souls and emotions.
    J x

  3. Cheers to you! It's been very educational and enjoyable reading along this month. I like the mindset you exude - just a bit of your attitude for saving rubs off on me when I read, and that can never be a bad thing.

  4. Try the cheese pudding from here, doesn’t use much cheese:

    1. Oops, not so low as I thought, still nice though over 2 nights.

  5. Fiona one of my followers has recommended Eating for Victory, I think I'll see if I can get hold of a copy.

  6. I’m so looking forward to following your blog this year having been an avid follower for years. I think it’s fab that Alan is on board as that’s my main bugbear trying to get hubby to have the same mindset. Looking forward to picking up some money saving tips along the way too! Jules

  7. You are doing very well and I am looking forward to reading how the rationing goes.

    God bless.

  8. I have a couple of war time cookbooks and will be digging them out. I do want to eat the freezers down but also make the most of everything. I may have to join in with living on rations, I can still remember the way we ate in the mid 50's and although rationing was all but over, there was not much money about or too much to buy.

  9. This is completely fascinating! I'm so looking forward to seeing how well you do with the rationing (and I'm sure you will do well).
    For me February feels pretty miserable, although I'm working hard to make it less so! It's lovely to see someone with a more positive view of the month!

  10. I like Quorn but haven't ever seen the fishless fingers. Sounds promising.


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