Sunday, 21 January 2018

My Enamel Collection Grows Again ...

My enamel collection has grown again.

You saw my breadbin collection back at the beginning of the month (here) and it was going to stay as a breadbin collection.   I was just biding my time until a red one came along .... and then this red flour bin came my way instead, maybe I need to start a new collection of flour bins now that I have two  ;-)

I also bought the other bits and the book from various charity shops. 

They had such a lot of gorgeous glassware in one charity shop I could have spent a fortune but I was good and just bought the dish with the little feet.  I have a thing about pots with little feet ...

Image result for teacups with feet

... but not those dreadful cups that were in the shops years ago with proper feet wearing socks and shoes!!

Anyway my shopping grew with the Spode jug for 50p and a book about the war years for just £3.

Not a bad day browsing the shops, but I need to stay at home more and keep out of temptations way.  After all the Old Auction Rooms where I bought my enamel flour bin from has lots more enamelware .... I need to avoid temptation.

But could you have resisted that lovely red enamel flour bin for just £10?

Sue xx


  1. What a great find that lovely flour bin! Well worth the money you spent.

  2. Amazing price for the flour bin. Well done and enjoy it :)

  3. Oh, it's really lovely! Such a find!
    J x

  4. Lovely finds, the flour bin is a wonderful cheerful colour. I do confess though that I actually like the cups with little feet :/

  5. I love enamel ware, I only have a few pieces but am always looking for more.

  6. And Jim who runs the Old Auction such a sweetie isn't he? We do a lot of work with him..and I get some fab stock. Vicky (Anglesey Allsorts)

    1. He's lovely.. I got to know him to chat to when I bought a butchers block for Alan a few years ago and since then the place draws me like a magnet. And he's always amenable to my little price reduction pleas ... polite haggling.

  7. The enamel bin and glass jam dish set each other off well!

  8. Love the flour bin and little glass bowl.

    That tea cup with real feet is just plain spooky.

    God bless.

  9. That was a good price for the flour bin - I've not seen them for less than £15 or £20.

  10. Perhaps next year's challenge should be 'no spending apart from food and bills!' Love the flour bin though

  11. I just finished reading all of your year 2017 (it was like a good book so an easy read) so now I am all caught up to your present day. Loving your new Challenge blog...I've always been interested in War time living experiences so it will be fun to follow your take on this.


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