Thursday, 11 January 2018

My Relevant Dvd Collection

As well as reading through my book collection for inspiration I've been using these cold wet days of Winter as an excuse to watch some of my Dvd collection.

Yesterday I gathered together all the titles that I think will be of use to us this year in a practical as well as entertaining way.  How Beatrix Potter fits into this I'm not sure ... but the stories are lovely to watch, and Mr McGregor does have a veggie patch I admire  ;-)

We've just finished watching the Coal House at War boxed set, after thoroughly enjoying the first in the series which was 'Coal House' set even further back in time in 1927.  Both were set in the same cottages at a mining museum in Blaenavon, South Wales.  Coal House at War follows three families going back in time to the war years, sees them take in evacuees, accept the arrival of Bevin boys to one of the cottages and is absolutely riveting to watch, and with each episode just 30 minutes long this sort of dvd is perfect to watch at lunchtime while we have our soup.

I also have other Dvds which I think just make for very good watching including The Lark Rise to Candleford boxed set and Ethel and Ernest with is totally atmospheric.   Housewife 49 is a wonderful story based on the Mass Observations diary of Nella Last from Barrow in Furness, somewhere I lived for a number of years.

For vegetable growing, storing and preserving inspiration I have the River Cottage collection of Dvds built up over the years as they have been released.

And the Jamie at Home Dvds which are based on cooking from the vegetables in your garden.

And a final little group that I was reminded I had by Sue over at The Cottage at the End of the Lane

So I have lots to read, lots to watch and hopefully because of that lots of inspiration to keep me on the straight and narrow over the course of the year.

Sue xx


  1. That's a fantastic collection of DVDs. I'm quite jealous.
    J x

  2. Our DVD collections are almost identical!

  3. The only one I have is the Lark Rise to Candleford one which I can watch over and over again. Your collection is great and should bring loads of inspiration.

  4. What a wonderful collection, I only managed to watch a few of the victorian farm when it was on BBC I would love to get the box set, I have got it in my wishlist now on Amazon.
    Like you I regularly declutter books and dvd's but there are somethings I enjoy watching and reading over again so they have to stay.

  5. Been looking forward to this post - goodness what a lot that I've never even heard of. Back to Eden? what was that one?. I can't watch Housewife 49 again - it makes me so sad -Have the books of course. I'd forgotten there was Coal House at war as well . Seen it on TV but don't have the DVD. I'd planned to borrow the Victorian Slum one from the library first - didn't see it on TV - but forgot all about it -Thank you for the reminder. We only possess about 2 dozen DVDs in total!

    1. Back to Eden is from America, it's one with a bit of a religious slant. Explaining how land should be cultivated and animals reared in happy humane ways. It's a bit 'quote-y' of religious texts but the basic idea of leaving the soil to replenish itself as it would do in a woodland, renewing and regenerating and not being dug over is a really good method. It gave us lots of ideas the first time we watched it, I need to see it again, I'm most likely describing it in a terrible way ;-)

      The Victorian Slum was brilliant on television and when I saw it cheap on Amazon awhile back I had to get it. Definitely worth watching again.

      I dread to think how many dvds we've got, mostly mine I have to admit ... about 200 or so, I'll count one day and shock myself. But most of the films were either bought at car boot sales for anything from 20p to £1 and any new ones were bought when they were on offer in the supermarket for £2 or £3.

      I have to hold my hands up and admit that virtually all these were bought new though, mostly when on offer on Amazon.

  6. What lovely DVD's. I am sure they will keep you on the straight and narrow over the course of your yearly challenge. Give you even more ideas to work with as well I reckon.

    God bless.

  7. I'll have to see if I can find some of these. I have very few DVDs as most of mine come via Netflix.

  8. I have a collection of River Cottage DVDs and I've see n Wartime Farm as my library has it. I think I'll have a looksee if they have or can acquire some of the other titles you've shown. Thanks Sue.

  9. What a great libarry of DVDs you have! I will have to check Netflix (and Roku channels). Wonder if Acorn TV gets any of the ones you have?
    Dawn Pinnataro, Albany, Georgia USA


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