Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Old Apples

Old apples bobbing in salted water ready to be used.

This bag of apples had been in the bottom drawer of the fridge since the first week of October, I'd used two of them at some point and then completely forgotten about the others.  We often forget about things in the bottom drawer ... we should ask Suky the Pug to remind us , she is absolutely fascinated by it and stands staring at the drawer every time the fridge door is left open.

Don't ask ... I have no idea why!

Anyway I decided a quick crumble would be delicious. 

Eating apples make for a lovely crumble as the slices hold their shape and retain just a little bit of 'bite'.  I added some assorted homegrown berries from the freezer and topped with the last of my ready made crumble mix also from the freezer.

Ready to be popped into the oven for 30 minutes.

We had half between us the first night and saved the other half for the next day.

I  do like seeing leftovers cooling and then in the fridge, it gets my brain working ready for the next day and gives me a head start

Sue xx.


  1. That looks so delicious. Crumble is great for using up old fruit, just as gardener's pie or soup is great for old veg.
    Second day crumble is even nicer as the flavours develop. :-)
    J x

  2. Just the thing on a cold day, fruit and veg lasts such a long time if its storing correctly. I was thinking I would try a savoury vegetable crumble sometime. Now I have seen your crumble I am really craving one now.

    1. Savoury crumbles are amazing - I add some finely grated parmesan in place of the sugar, and a good handful of oats goes into the mix too - really tasty!

  3. I have just made crumble topping for the freezer. We like ours either hot with custard, yoghurt or evaporated milk. Sometimes we eat it cold as well.

  4. That made me laugh about suky , I love a crumble , I tried to store all my apples of the tree last year but they went off i stored them in paper in a cool place but it didn't work xxx

  5. I like crumbles....a lot! So much easier to make than pies/pastry.

  6. I got quite excited last week when I sorted the chest freezer and found a bag of apple slices as I thought we had none left. And I need to whip up a batch of crumble topping to put in the freezer AND my blog today is about apples..............who's copying who, Thats what I want to know!!! :-)

  7. That looks delicious. And its spurred me on to make a crumble for afters. Donna x

  8. I find it quite shocking how long some fruit and veg can last.......are they zapping it with radiation to get rid of bacteria? Its good for us but worrying at the same time.

  9. It is definitely crumble weather at the moment or steamed pudding. It is amazing how long apples will keep in a fridge - not sure how much Vitamin C content is preserved but they still taste good.

  10. I like eating apples in crumbles too. I used some sprouts this evening which we in the fridge and dated 26 December. Been meaning to use them for ages. They were as firm as they were on Christmas Day.

  11. I had a crumble when we ate out yesterday which had lots of cinnamon in the crumble mix - I think the mix was also made with wholemeal flour as it had a slightly denser texture than usual and that slightly nutty taste (I know it sounds mad that I can't say for sure - there was SO much cinnamon though it changed the colour a lot!) - anyway it occurred to me at the time that it would have made a beautiful topping for a spiced apple and dried fruit crumble! (In this case though it was on top of rhubarb - which though nice, was slightly odd!)


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