Sunday, 14 January 2018

Shopping - Freebies and Wrapping Paper

We went to the cinema on Friday to watch Darkest Hour (highly recommended by the way), and on the way back we called to Tesco for fuel.  While we were there we were also posting a letter and as we were at the door of the store we decided to nip in and pick up a couple of bottles of sparkling water.  We are slowly but surely weaning ourselves off this as even though it's cheap it's daft to be buying bottled water ...even if it does have bubbles ... when the water from our taps is perfectly good to drink and totally free!!

Anyway luckily there were only 2 bottles left on the pallet so we nabbed them and then had a bit of a peruse of the other shelves.

  As you can see from the top photo and this receipt, we managed to get ourselves a few yellow stickered bargains.  A total of £12.23 worth of shopping for just £6.76.

The bread rolls we had when we got home for supper, as we had gone out without having any tea.  Served with Violife cheese and salad for me and ham, cheese and salad for Alan.  The cereals, which both have long dates but were just in damaged boxes, have been stashed in the cupboard for when Alan's current supply of wheat biscuits runs out.  The cabbage and veggies will be used half with Sunday lunch and the leftovers added to the next pot of soup we make, and the strawberries are a treat for tonight with yogurt and icecream.  

Oh, and the little wedge of Stilton perched on top of the wheat biscuits pack has been partly crumbled into Alan's final portion of this weeks broccoli soup, and the rest is to be had tonight with crackers as a tasty Sunday supper.  We tend not to eat a proper tea on a Sunday if we have had a good Sunday lunch.

While we were there I also picked up a copy of the latest Tesco magazine, purely because it was free ... and of course it could also be used as wrapping paper for a foodies friend's present  ;-)

So we spent £6.76, leaving us with £355.97 in The Purse.

Which is an average of £7.12 a week to spend for the rest of the year ... or £1.02 a day. 
So our averages have actually gone up thanks to the first two weeks of January being such low spend weeks.

Currently doing a little happy dance  :-)

Sue xx


  1. Happy dancing with you - that's lovely!
    I love the sparkly water too. I treat it as a sort of treat. Not as great as prosecco but so, so much better for me and, with a few cubes of ice and a dash of lemon juice, it feels like a celebration!
    (but only the savers kind)
    J x

  2. |Wow that's great your doing so well. I love sparkling water as well I was pondering the plastic bottle issue with it,and It doesn't sit right with me so I have decided to buy a soda stream and make my own.I don't like still water so I know I won't drink it.I can't wait to see Darkest hour it looks so good. My daughter watched a lot of the filming in Manchester town hall.Enjoy your Sunday dinner. Donna x

    1. I thought I recognised some of the bits in the film :-)

      We looked into buying a Soda Stream and discounted it due to the initial cost and the price of replacement gas canisters. Our Welsh water is lovely though so we are keeping a jug full in the fridge all the time and drinking that. The fizz is for when we REALLY need bubbles ;-)

  3. That's the way to go! Respect!
    Love, Anja

  4. We hope to see Darkest Hour this week, our phone company does freebies and draws on Wednesdays and we are hoping that it will be free cinemas tickets this week, but if its not we will go anyway as we always have the 2 for 1 tickets with the car insurance deal, I know we will really enjoy it, we don't really go out that much but we love the cinema.
    I sadly do buy bottled water, when we had our own house we had a filteration system built into the kitchen sink, the water here is awful, I can't stand it, and the limescale here is a real problem, I am a big water drinker, so I have to buy it for the time being, I expect one day we will do the same have a built in filter again. Well done on making some more savings, you are doing incredibly well.

  5. I saw Gary Oldman on Graham Norton last week and he was brilliant. Especially the clip of him doing a funky dance while dressed as Churchill. Brilliant. Great yellow sticker finds.

  6. I love sparkling water too although my vice is a bit more expensive as it's San Pellegrino!! However I buy a six pack and it lasts for ages as I drink it as my treat at the weekend instead of an alcoholic drink. I often tell people being frugal doesn't mean depriving yourself, we just choose where to spend our hard earned cash :-)

  7. Thisis such an interesting blog and I love that you are posting every day. I find myself willing you to succeed and being positively delighted that the daily average has increased! Last May I set myself a challenge to spend 'only' £100 in the month (sorry...that must sound like a fortune given your own challenge). I did it but felt almost panicky about running out of food, and compelled to buy anything that was a real bargain. Have you ever done anything this drastic before? Eloise

  8. Hurrah for an increased average - that's excellent! I'm not a sparkling water fan thankfully - never have been really - and just drink ordinary tap water both here and at work. There's no question that the stuff tastes better when we're in the Hebrides though!

  9. Yay for the daily price increase and super yay for the yellow stickered items, I always feel happy when you get a bargain. It seems strange but a while ago yellow stickered items actually used to be a bargain over here, now it's only reduced by 30p odd. Sometimes we get super bargains but you have to be there at the right time. Looking forward to seeing how the rest of January goes!

  10. Well done on the daily price increase.

    God bless.


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