Monday, 29 January 2018

Tea Bread Recipe

I made this Tea Bread last week and totally forgot to do a post about it. 

It's worthy of a post of it's own as it is really delicious ... even to me who hates tea with a vengeance and is literally sick for the rest of the day if I take a mouthful of someone's tea by mistake.

After I made it to this recipe and tasted it, I realised that it could be made with coffee instead of tea and the addition of some chopped walnuts would take it to a whole other level.  So that's my plan for next time ... tonight maybe. 

I have searched high and low but I cannot find where I got this recipe from, it's currently written on a post it and stuck in my recipe folder so I can't link to anyone or give a mention to the book it came from - sorry.  It would make a good wartime recipe because it uses only half of one persons sugar ration for the week and only one egg.  If you want to it could be veganised by adding apple puree instead of the egg, which of course makes it even more wartime rations friendly.

So to the recipe -

Tea Bread

12oz Dried Fruit
4oz Dark Brown Sugar
1/2 pint of hot Tea

Mix these ingredients and leave to soak in a covered bowl overnight.

The next day add -

1 Egg
8oz Self Raising Flour

Mix well and pour into a greased or lined loaf tin.  I used my 2lb tin

Bake for 1 hour in a low to medium oven. 
Check after about 40 minutes and if the top is browning too much cover with foil, I had to.  

It's done when an inserted skewer comes out clean of cake mix.

Eat a slice warm straight from the oven - delicious.
It's nice with custard or pouring cream.

It's even better the next day with butter, or spread and marmalade or jam.

It will keep nicely for up to a week in a tin or sealed container ... but it won't last that long!!!

Sue xx


  1. I love tea bread! Definitely making this. Thank you for sharing the recipe.

  2. I like tea breads too and have an old Home & Freezer book with five different bread recipes in. They all sound lovely, but I've only ever made the Sweet Tea Loaf and that is because I could never get the hang of using yeast.

    Joan (Devon)

  3. Mmmmm, looks and sound delicious.

    God bless.

  4. Hi Sue, recipe is very similar to one my dear Mum made when I was little. Only - I never liked the walnut pieces she put in it. Has led to a lifetime of loathing nuts in baked goods. Recommend experimenting with coffee, and with fruit teas and tisanes. As you heads towards Xmas a fruit loaf is also very good "laced" - in the mixture before you bake, afterwards to "help it keep" (we tell ourselves), or both! Sending you all care, love, and warmth from a too hot (even at 2:00am) Wellington,

    Michelle and Tabster Megs in Wgtn, NZ. (with a too hot Summerall over NZ)

  5. This sounds delicious! Do you have a temperature rating for the low-medium oven? I don't live in the UK and I'm not sure if my low-medium is the same as yours. Thanks much!

    1. Sorry I cook on an Aga, a range cooker, so I don't really go off definitive temperatures. I'm sure Google would throw up a conversion chart. I'll try and find one to add the sidebar when I'm on the computer next time. 😊

    2. Opps - didn't even think about Google! :) Silly me! After a quick look, it seems somewhere around 350F. Will give that a try and if it ends up fine. If not, I'll adjust!

      Thanks for sharing the recipe - I'm looking forward to trying it.

    3. I've added a conversion chart to the recipe page now.

    4. Thanks much!

      I appreciate it,

  6. 1 mug of cold tea
    Same mug full of dried fruit
    Soak overnight
    Mix in enough s/r flour to form a dropping consistency
    Follow as for your recipe

    No fat no sugar. Eat sliced with butter or spread of your choice.

  7. Evening Sue

    Wow... this is MY sort of recipe! Not that many ingredients and easy to make (well, I hope it is!). The big question is, how many calories per slice?

    Thanks for sharing these recipes.

    Have a good evening.


  8. Looks very similar to a recipe I used to make regularly too. Cannot remember where I found mine, but used it when my dad had to reduce the fat in his diet. I am not saying this is a low calorie recipe, but he was so used to cakes and biscuits but found this really tasty, and no fat is used. Added advantage is that I could cut it into slices and he could freeze it, so he could ration it.

  9. I absolutely hate even the smell of tea so I understand your comment! I know my husband would like this cake, not sure about me though. Mind you, making a cake that I'm not
    Kiely to eat makes good sense for someone who should not be eating cake!

  10. Your idea to use coffee and walnuts is brilliant - I love coffee and walnut cake, husband's not too keen on it but said he'll give it a try if I make one. It's in the oven now, will let you know how it tastes. Did you make yours yet?


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