Wednesday, 10 January 2018

This Weeks Pot of Soup ... and a Nice Solid End to Last Weeks

It was my turn to make the weeks big pot of soup on Monday.  The ground was too icy to be able to pull any of the Leeks up without damaging them so I opted to use up the last of one of my bags of white onions and some odds and sods from the freezer and fridge.   The broccoli stalk was a whopper, I always save them for soup making.

I also added the last white potato from the cupboard and a few homegrown cloves of garlic from the freezer, freezing them has proved to be an excellent way of storing them and the skins slip off so easy when you cut into them. Next time I need some potatoes I'll bring the bag in from the workshop, but it's nice and cold out there so they can stay outside for a while.

Off the shelf I grabbed some lentils and some mixed herbs for added flavour and of course some of my vegetable bouillon powder.

It made a lovely pot of soup ...

... which of course I whizzed up nice and smooth  :-)

Alan had some crumbled up Stilton in his for lunch and we both had some toast for dunking.

I had a bit of a brainwave with the last portion of last weeks soup!!

I left one portion to drain through the sieve ...

... then the liquid off it was added to the other portion.

And made a nice lunch on Saturday, with a fishless finger bun each.

And then on Sunday I used the larger part of this pastry ...

... to make us a pasty each.

Adding two slices of corned beef, one chopped up small and stirred through half the filling, and one laid flat on the pastry to Alan's and some grated vegan parmesan style cheese to mine.

With some Bisto gravy it made for a very tasty and very filling late lunch.  It was so filling we didn't have any tea and just had a little snack at suppertime.

Sue xx


  1. Looks great. Hope to get some made tomorrow.

  2. Looking at all that delicious food makes me feel hungry and reminds me I haven't had my breakfast yet.
    I use broccoli stalks for soup too - wonderful flavour!
    J x

  3. Very frugal food indeed, we keep costs down by not have big meals day in day out, tonight we are just having crackers, cheeses and pickles.x

  4. Your meals look delicious and are making me feel quite hungry. I'm thankful I have a pot of carrot and coriander simmering on the stove right now. X

  5. Love the idea to make a pie with some of the soup vegetables, very comforting and frugal. I love soup but I live in a hot climate, soup is usually only once a week and then frozen. But to add to a pie is an excellent idea! erin

  6. I love the looks of all the soups you make.

    God bless.

  7. Soup ... The ultimate comfort food! Good job you bought all that lovely crusty bread. And such a useful way of using up bits and pieces.


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