Monday, 12 February 2018

Living on Rations Week One - The Food

So the rations are sorted ... pictured above are my basic rations.

These are Alan's.

He has an extremely good selection of meat thanks to my clever purchasing the other week buying the yellow stickered meat packs from Sainsbury's and portioning them out carefully.  In fact I would think he has just about as much as he would usually eat in a week ... so no long faces from my man this week  :-)

(Meat was the one item rationed by price not weight.  So the February 1940 amount of 1s 6d which I am working off is equal to £4.66 in todays money.)

This was our choice of food bought with our points. 

We each get 16, so a total of 32 to spend between us, and this is what I chose to buy from the foods that were available on the points system.  There is a typed out list of the foods and their points values on the stand alone page 'Living on Rations' at the top of the blog.

These are the foods that are on our monthly rations.

And these are the things that are not rationed.

You'll notice that most of my shopping has been done from foods that I already have and not from the supermarket.  There's no point in sabotaging the rest of my year long Challenge for our ration challenge, so wherever possible I have shopped from what we already had.

But you'll recognise these from yesterday's post.

These were bought to be used along side our own home grown vegetables.  In the tunnels and the Veggie Patch we still have Leeks, Kale, Spinach and Turnips, they just need pulling up to use as and when we need them.

So for this week my 'larder shelf' looks like this.  I thought it made good sense to have out on view everything that I can use over the course of the week and month.

So our Menu for this week is -

Main Meals

Lamb/Sausage, Potatoes, Vegetables and Gravy
Apple Crumble

Vegetables Pasties with Potatoes and Veg
‘Poor Knights Fritters’

Jacket Potatoes and Homemade Coleslaw
Pork Chop/Veggie Burger, Mash, Vegetables and Gravy
Chicken/Vegetable Stew 
Apple and Blackberry Roly-poly and Custard
Homemade Pasta and Meatballs
Apple Turnovers
Beef and Leek Pie/Cheese, Potato and Onion Pie
with Mash, Vegetables and Gravy

Porridge/Toast with Butter and/or Jam/Marmalade/Cornflakes
 Or Eggs (poached, fried, boiled or scrambled)

Homemade Soup with toast, bread or croutons

The menu is not set in stone and if we need to change anything around we will.  Also there will be homemade bread made two or three times each week and home baking to be eaten as desserts and snacks, I'll post about and photograph them as they appear.
You'll notice that the menu starts with Sunday, we decided on this as I blog one day ahead and in order to get the photographs of at least some of what we eat to go along with the text, we need to have actually eaten the meals.  So what we ate on Sunday I will be writing about sometime on Monday and will appear on the blog on Tuesday morning etc. 
This is how I usually do all my posting.  Hence todays post being about the final chosen food choices and the menu plan.  This will hopefully happen each week during the four weeks of the Challenge.
It's nice to be actually doing it now after all the preparation.

Sue xx


  1. Your menus would be great with or without rationing, tasty and filling food.

    1. They're real 'in season' meals aren't they, I have a feeling we're going to miss salads this month.

  2. Looking good, weren’t cereals on the points system?

    1. Yes, the cornflakes are on the 'points' photo. I've been told porridge oats weren't rationed ... in February 1940 at least.

  3. That's a lot of meat by anyone's standards! Thank goodness for yellow stickers...but I don't think there would have been such luxury in the 1939-53 period! If hubby complains at all I should point this out to him!! x

    1. Definitely, I think there may be some over. It will be interesting to see, which is part of the reason why we are doing this.

  4. The food you have looks plenty, and the meal plan sounds very nice, doing these challenges makes us stop and think a bit more, me for sure, I have been only buying the basics, and gradually working way through the stores, I know one thing I won't be going back to have over stocked cupboards again.

    1. It really has made me stop and think about the foods that used to be and still are in some cases, in our usual food cupboard ... and I am managing very nicely on much less coffee.

  5. You're both off to a good start! I did not realize the meat ration was that large...

    1. It would have been much less than that if I had not bought all the meat on YS offers. It's not sitting right with me at the moment though doing it that way, at the time of purchase it seemed like a good idea!!

  6. The menu sounds really tasty. I've been reading your posts with great interest. What a lot of working out it takes and gives a real insight into how hard it was in the 1940's.

    1. Most definitely, it's been the working out what food we can and can't have that has given me the biggest headache, the cooking of it and menu planning is relatively easy in comparison.

  7. That is s good meat ration, there shouldn't be any complaints there.

    1. Oh he's not complaining ;-)

      I'm regretting buying on YS though I think, I should have gone for full price items and it would have been a better comparison. Maybe I'll do two weeks of each to be fairer in the food rationing ... if I can find any meat that is NOT yellow stickered in my freezer!!

    2. Most of the yellow sticker items have the orginal price on , in our local supermarketstore either underneath or on the YS label. I have had good moments when I have totted up the orginal costs.

  8. Looking forward to following along!

  9. Looking forward to seeing your recipes.

    God bless.

    1. I'll write out as many as I can 😊

  10. Just found your blog and I am so intrigued. I know that all your preparation will pay off in success. I am looking forward to your recipes and just your meal plans. I am also very interested to see how your husband gets along on a diet that seems higher carbs although this week looks like it will be no problems. It will be fascinating to see how your two different diets play out.
    Best of luck!!


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