Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Living on Rations - Week Three - Day 15

Breakfast this morning, the marmalade is nearly all gone now  :-(

But I have a plan :-)

This weeks menu.

Alan's meat ration:  sausage meat, chicken drumsticks and a tin of Spam
Total cost £4.25 ... so he's been a bit short changed this week, but I didn't have anything I could 'buy' from the freezer for the remaining 41p.

I read in one of my books that some weeks you could be forced to take part of your meat ration in tinned meat, so this week Alan is doing that ... he's been waiting for his Spam fritters for quite a while now!!

Two ounces of bacon, two of ham and just two sausages for him this week ....gosh he's been short changed in every direction hasn't he!!

My 'meat' ration, three Linda McCartney sausages and two frozen 'Nut Cutlets'. 
I needed something easy and simple as I'm suffering from 'being in the kitchen/cooking fatigue'.

My fat ration.

Alan's fat ration.

Alan's sweetie ration ... look you get less than 4oz of sweets in these bags!!

Two of these made it up to his four ounces.

My sweetie ration.

My cheese ration ...

... and the rest of the block weighed out ready for next week.

Alan's cheese ration - cheddar from the freezer.

Our milk and a few of our eggs.
We have one of the older girls that's laying eggs with very thin shells now, so we tend to have these for ourselves.

The tea, coffee and sugar jars before adding this weeks supplies ...

... and again after.

This has been the thing that has surprised me the most, that we actually drink less than 28 cups of coffee and only around the same again in tea.  Although Alan is only allowed 21 teabags he has been re-using some of his teabags and brewing up in the teapot, so I'm guessing he has around 28 - 30 cups of tea in a week.

I knew the sugar ration would hold up well, we hardly use any.

So I have taken as this weeks sugar ration some of my old jam sugar to use it up, and I will make some marmalade with it this week.

How would you cope with 8oz of sugar per week per person in your house?

Sue xx


  1. No sugar in tea for me but hubby loves it in his coffee and he does sprinkle it on his cereals. It would be an interesting excerise to measure it out and see how long it would last. I think there'd be enough left over to make some cakes, but lack of butter would be the problem.

  2. We would have sugar coming out of our ears.
    2 adults and an 11 year old here.
    Can't remember the last time I bought sugar and if I'm honest I've either hidden it well or we don't actually have any.

  3. We would manage...it's the hidden sugar in almost everything now that gets us. I'll be interested to see whether you or Alan with your different diets feel you've fared better than the other. Agricultural workers were allowed extra cheese 8oz I believe and all children were expected to eat school dinner....as were a lot of workers provided with subsidised lunch. I wonder then if it was the stay at home housewife who came off worst during rationing? x

    so could it be that the stay at home housewife with just basic rations came off worst?

  4. We don’t have any sugar in the cupboard! When I bake I need to buy some fresh and If we have visitors, I have to buy some and then give it away with them. I would miss fruit and veg the most I think but DH would love spam fritters. Catriona

  5. 2lbs of sugar would be more than enough in our household. We hardly use any except when I make cakes. :-)

  6. I'd save it up for exactly what you're doing - making preserves. I'd be happy to swap the sweet ration for something else too, if it were allowed. Love your plan for the week! I'm just working on mine from next Saturday for a week.
    i think, Wnters End Rambler, you are absolutely right, the home based mum came off much the worst, especially if they then gave some of their ration to their children (as does happen).
    J x

  7. I've given up sweets for Lent and feel better for it and we don't add it to tea or coffee but would need it for baking. I'll have to look for some low sugar recipes. Made another tea loaf this week and it's going fast 😀 Going to make one for our Church soup lunch next week.

  8. Like you I would only use it in cooking and preserving. When I have porridge I add fruit or sweetener. I would definitely swap my sweet ration for something else. I'd rather a good biscuit, jam tart then sweets.

  9. We don’t use sugar on a regular basis, only if I bake and that’s not very often. I can’t remember when I last bought sugar, maybe November

  10. We don't use sugar in coffee and rarely in tea, but I do use it occasionally in baking. A lot of the recipes I've cut the sugar in half, and it is still sweet enough. The only time we buy a lot of sugar is in the summer...I make a sugar solution for our hummingbird feeders. Have to keep our little hummers happy! Deb in Ohio

  11. It seems from your post that sugar was quite a big deal back then - I hadn't realised the amount that must have been consumed but I seem to remember people taking 3 teaspoons in their tea.
    We are almost a sugar free zone at our house - I only seem to use any if we have visitors that still take it in their drinks and when I make the Christmas cake other than that the very occasional baking or apple crumble topping but then I just add 1/2 ounce of demerara for the crunch factor. We have sugar free jams, marmalade etc and I don't like sweets so would not worry if ever there was another sugar rationing. I find when I am out that I can't eat those homemade cakes etc anymore - partly the over large portion size they serve up, but mainly they are far too sweet for me and my biggest pet hate at the moment - why they continue to serve hot chocolate with sugar already added when they don't for tea and coffee - surely they should let everyone add sugar to their own taste as needed - I might even campaign for sugar free Hot Choc LOL!

  12. Odd, I posted a comment this morning and it's disappeared. I think we'd have loads leftover too, even though hubby likes it in his coffee and on cereals. With butter on ration it would be difficult to use it up so cakes and biscuits would be off the menu.

  13. We'd be fine, my husband uses Splenda and even I weighed it would be negligible. I don't use sugar in my coffee.

  14. With 6 of us here and no-one taking sugar in any drinks we'd be building up supplies from the off! - I'd have to use it for preserves and baking :) I've bought sugar recently - but we've had 3+ weeks of various tradesmen working in the house - most of whom have sugar in their drinks! :)

  15. my mum's family used to swap a lot of their sugar ration for a bacon ration of a nearby jewish family

  16. Sugar is used for occasional baking and kept for visitors. I's save it for birthday/holiday baking and like you to make jam.

  17. Another one here that rarely uses sugar. I make a lot of naturally sugar free desserts. A bag of sugar lasts ages in this house!

  18. I think I would be fine as I don't use sugar in my tea and rarely make coffee at home (I do take sugar in coffee). I do like it on porridge but cutting back on carbs at the moment so again, not an issue.
    My mom and dad used to work in the Coop in Edinburgh during the War (they would have been about 14 or 15) and I always remember them talking about having to measure up the sugar so exactly and that people watched you like a hawk. Perhaps more people took sugar in their tea back then and of course there was probably more home baking so it would be an issue.

  19. We use very little sugar here except when it comes to baking, so I think I could manage most weeks.

    God bless.

  20. Another one here that would be fine with very limited sugar, I grew up next door to my British grandmother and had lots of tea with 2 sugars in delicate tea cups, I weaned myself off sugar about 20 years ago, was down to 1 teaspoon in tea at the time and just decreased the remaining 1 spoon over a month.I grind my coffee beans fresh every 2 days so my coffee tastes wonderful without sugar, just made in a plunger, so quick and easy. I do think it is the overall sugar intake that makes it hard to cut down and found I didn't think about wanting chocolate etc. once I cut out sugar where I could.
    I tend to use honey in cooking and only to taste.Most bought cakes, tarts, muffins etc. have heaps of sugar as a preservative and I just can't eat them anymore, when I am out for coffee with friends I just order scones.

    If Allan is feeling the pinch with his ration of sausages you could squeeze out the meat and add some breadcrumbs soaked in a little milk and combined with some herbs and maybe a tiny amount of leek, grated carrot etc. that would make a good size meal of meatballs or rissoles.
    Have fun making the marmalade, the smell when it is cooking is heavenly.

  21. We also don’t use a lot of sugar, only in baking and a little in our porridge. I think I would have a lot more difficulty with the fat ration. I have been very aware of how much butter I use (mainly in cooking) and have cut back some.

  22. Much the same as you! We don't use sugar in drinks at all, so ours would be stashed aside against making preserves or baking, or perhaps traded with someone else for something useful? I've always said that the sugar would be the one thing I really wouldn't struggle with on rations!


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