Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Living on Rations - Week Two - Day 8 - Cheating

A leisurely breakfast with toast coffee and reading material  :-)

Followed by a 'weighing everything out' session for this weeks rations.

Alan's butter/marg 6oz, his 'lard' once again is being taken in the form of 6 tablespoons of olive oil.

My lard/butter is 'Trex'

While we are once again classing my Dairy Free spread as my margarine.

Two ounces of grated cheddar for Alan, and 3oz grated Violife and one ounce of vegan parmesan style cheese for me.

Alan £4.66 worth of meat this week .

And once again 2oz bacon,2oz ham and three sausages.

I had another three Linda McCartney Rosemary and Onion vegan sausages.

I weighed out another jar with 8oz of sugar and topped up the coffee and tea jars with the 28 spoonfuls of coffee that weighs 2oz and another 21 teabags.

Then I realised that it should have been 8oz sugar each ... so I weighed out some more.  We are getting way ahead with the sugar already.

Next I weighed out Alan's sweetie ration from the Christmas chocolate stash, there were only a couple of chocolates left in the bag after taking out his rations ... so I surprised him with a cup of tea and a little treat  so I could have the empty bag to put his rations in  ;-)

I was surprised to find that my ration weighed in at almost a full bar of this chocolate, just one row of two squares needed to be snapped off ...I too ate the extras.

Naughty but nice!!

Lunch was a little bit of a cheat for me.  I had a bun from the freezer with some of my cheese ration and some of the Iceberg lettuce I mentioned yesterday.  The rest will be used to make Coleslaw to go with our evening meals twice this week, starting with tonight.

Alan had two poached eggs on toast .... but I was almost to slow to catch it on camera!!

Our tea was a bit of a cheats tea, using the other three bread rolls from the pack I had thawed out for my lunch.  Alan had his two steak burgers from this weeks ration with onion slices and cheese and I was naughty and had a vegan burger from the freezer.  We had had a busy couple of hours moving the chickens from Chicken World to Chicken Land on the hillside to rest the grass in their old enclosure, and also so that they could keep Ethel, the sheep company.  I really was not in the mood nor did I have the energy to do anything more for our tea.

We plonked ourselves down in  from of a Dvd  (Hope and Glory) and had a cider and beer with our feet up and our tea on our laps.  A good end to a long day.

Sue xx


  1. Phew - got got so much done! I reckon that they got up to a fair amount of 'cheating' during the war, if they could and could get away with it. True to the reality! :-)
    J x

    1. It was either cheat or starve ... I can understand now why such a lot of bread and jam was consumed during the war years ... filling instant food before falling into bed.

  2. Maybe in the future you could "trade" some of your extra sugar for something else you wanted more. I'm sure trading went on, so I don't think that would be cheating. Also I'm curious if you will lose any weight on this diet. It seems somewhat high on starches, but the portents are smaller than average. You're doing a great job with all of the measuring and photos! when you are finished with this challenge, you'll have to print it out in a little book. Deb in Ohio

    1. I thought about trading ... some folk on the Fb group have 'virtual neighbours' that they trade with, but I think I'll use any build up of sugar to make some more marmalade or jam.

      We took weights and measurements at the beginning so we'll see any difference at the end, but our portions of all the true wartime recipes are HUGE, more than either of us usually eat. We feel very full after each meal, which is one of the reasons there have been few desserts up to now.

    2. Nothing's set in stone is it, we all have to compromise now and then. After a full day it's hardly surprising you didn't feel like cooking. We too haven't been hungry at all, I'm beginning to think that maybe our rations-style meals are too carb-heavy, what with root veg, brown rice and pulses. I reckon it'd be better with summer Mediterranean type veggies, but I don't really want to do that just now - the veg would be out of season, from abroad and more expensive, and thus hardly true to wartime rations.

    3. The meals are carb heavy but it's amazing how quickly we have adapted to this.

      We have pretty much decided that seasonal eating is the way forward for the majority of the time for us. It's cheaper to buy in-season fruit and veg from the shops, and of course to produce for ourselves, and the main thing is that our bodies need the warming, filling, stodgy foods that are available at this time of the year and lighter salady things when the seasons change and the weather is warmer.

      Mediterranean veggies sound good at the moment though 😉

  3. Hope and Glory! I love that film.

    1. We thought it was absolutely brilliant. That little boy could well have been my Dad, he would have been around the same age :-)


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