Thursday, 1 February 2018

Ready for Action

With the sun shining for once I thought it would be good to start off this brand new month with a good clean up and check over of the polytunnel.  Inside after a few hours of sunshine we were at the barmy height of 15 degrees.  Later this month, with Alan's help, I'll wash the polythene down inside and out to enable more light to get in but the inside is now almost ready for action.

Yesterday it was all weeded, the beds were cleared of plants that were past their best ... but I left in the remains of the Kohlrabi (on the left hand side)  that some little creature has been using for it's food supply over the Winter ... yes I'm a softy  :-)

The final job after a good tidy session is always to wash down the paths and refill the water tank ... it makes a huge difference to see nice clean paths after a Winter of muddy boot prints.

Most of my pots have been washed out and are ready for action.

There's a few spiders webs in amongst my trays ... but I'll not be evicting anything just yet.

The food left in here for us to use as and when we need it are the two beds of Kale, which are still going strong and should just about see us through until this years planting is ready for eating ...

... and the Spinach bed, which although being near the door and subject to draughts, is doing pretty well.  Again this should see us through to us having a new crop of Spinach in place.

Some of both these crops have been frozen as well to hopefully span the 'hungry gap'.

We also have a handful of carrots in the large plant pot at the far end of the left hand side, enough for one meal or to add to a pot of soup.

Now I just have to wait for a dry, and hopefully equally sunny day, to have a go at sorting out the Net tunnel next door to the polytunnel ... and then it will be the Veggie Patch.

Sue xx


  1. Do you grow your own onions? I see from your shopping that you have been buying them? x

    1. Yes, but I don't grow enough to last us all year round.

      There are some sets in that will be ready in a few months and I will be starting some more from seed in the next few weeks. Onions take a lot of space and I find that Leeks are a better crop to see us through Winter as a lot fit into one of the hillside beds and they can be left in situ until needed.

    2. Thank you...for many years I never had to buy an onion...I'd love to be in that situation again! x

  2. I am so envious of your polytunnel. It is wonderful.
    J x

  3. Are you troubled with white fly? Our whole crop of cavolo Nero is inedible because of it.
    It's grown outside as we don't have a polytunnel. Thanks.

    1. I did have a small problem with it for a while last year, and resorted to a commercial spray in the end.

    2. Thank you. I will give it a go.

  4. What a wonderful polytunnel, I hope one day in the future we can grow more.

  5. Every time I see your polytunnel I picture one in our backyard. Then I realize there is just no room.....

    God bless.

  6. Evening Sue

    I too have polytunnel envy (dream on Carol). I've heard Kale is very good for you. Have never bought it (can't bare the waste if either of us don't like it), what taste is it similar too?

    I heard on the tv today that lots of young people are going vegan, as they are concerned for the animal welfare and environment! Good for them, I say. I'm not sure where to start down that road - any pointers please?

    Have a good evening.



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