Friday, 16 March 2018

Knocking on the Window

We have a regular visitor to the kitchen window recently.  Ever since we started having the windows regularly washed by our new window cleaner actually.  I don't think he likes the glass being so clean.

The first time he came he flew into it with a bang.  Then he came back again, over and over again, wiping his feet and wings all over until we could only just see out.

Now he comes regularly and sits on the windowsill tapping on the glass, when he knows he has attracted our attention he just walks off and leaves us stood at the window.

The first few time I thought he was doing what another little visitor, a Robin, does regularly and that is letting me know the bird bath is dry, but no, there was water in the birdbath, food left out by the base of the tree and all was well with the world.

Now we are so used to the tap, tap tapping that we just say 'he's back' and let him see that, yes we are at home.

The suddenly yesterday he came back with his wife.  First he came alone and tapped on the glass, as soon as I walked towards the window he hopped over to the gap into the woodland and came back immediately with Mrs. Blackbird.  She wasn't as impressed with us as he obviously is, and quickly set off back to the woods leaving Mr Blackbird to mooch about on the grass for a while before running after her to see what she was up to.

We feel like animals in a zoo with him being the visitor checking up on us in our glazed cage.  At least since Alan washed the window again this morning, only a couple of days after the window cleaners visit as we couldn't see out properly, Mr Blackbird seems to be respecting our right to light and has only been at the glass once today, making do instead with running up and down the window sill while he keeps an eye on us.

Sue xx


  1. Maybe he'll be feeding out of your hand before the summer is over. What a gentleman to introduce his wife to you!
    J x

  2. I think it's lovely to have your own tame blackbird and more reticent wife but I have a more prosaic suggestion.
    Do you think he can see his own reflection in the glass when it's very clean and thinks it might be a rival or a mate?
    It could explain why he's not as interested now he's found his “ true love”.
    I must admit I prefer Joy's version.

  3. Hopefully he'll soon be kept busy with a family to look after! x

  4. The blackbirds here are very cheeky, when there are no sultanas and meal worms left they come up to the kitchen window and look in asking for more. They are very intelligent.

  5. Maybe mr birdy is hungry and hoping that you will put some food out. The blackbirds and sparrows in my backyard jump about at dinner time hopeing for some fruit/nuts/seeds.

    1. As I said in the post, there is plenty of food and water out for them.

  6. No birds on our windowsill which is probably due to them being the favourite place for the cat to sit on!

  7. we used to have a pheasant who would pace back and forth and peck at the window...I think like Beachcomer, he's seeing his reflection and thinking it's a rival. On a sidenote we used to have all kinds of birds flying into our front i had to hang a fake vine to let them know there's a door there and they can't fly through it. Jan


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