Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Living on Rations - Week Four - Day 22

Our rations for the week. 

This week there are no sausages for Alan as they weren't always available during wartime, and some weeks you would simply have to go without.  This week though there was some fish ... he's had cravings for a fish butty or two  :-)

I know I'm pushing rationing rules with breaded fish but that was all I had in the freezer, and we are still determined not to shop if we have something similar to what we need already in the house ... or workshop freezer in this case.

I'm getting really quick at weighing everything out now, just as they would have done in the shops during wartime.   Imagine being watched by eagle-eyed housewives determined that they would get a full measure of each item and not an eighth of an ounce less.

I know I push my luck weighing things out so that I get every last little bit of product until the scale clicks over to the next number.

I had this at exactly 4oz and it clicked up an eighth as I was taking the photo ... I didn't take any away though  ;-)

The sugar for us both ... absolutely spot on.

Alan's sweetie ration slightly under ...

... and mine slightly over.

As you can see I took some of mine in little biscuits this time as I still had some candy canes and chocolate over from last week.

Alan chose to have one of his gifted pieces of lamb as this weeks ration, along with two pork chops.  He did what I guess a lot of farmers would have done during the war years and bartered his services for some lamb off Will just before Christmas.

Also shown here is his milk ration, although it's a four pint bottle he has only been using three pints or less each week.   I think the main reason for this is that we both have our porridge made with water and only a splash of milk.  Hence I have no milk this week as I still have half of last weeks left which will see me through the Challenge.

The menu for this week.

Our breakfast today was porridge and toast, lunch was a fish or cheese bun ...

.... and our tea was a proper plate of extremely tasty veggies, stuffing patties and chicken drumsticks for Alan and a nut cutlet for me ... both from last weeks rations.

Sue xx


  1. Oh, that dinner does look tasty! Isn't it great to be managing so well and have stuff left over to enjoy this week. I'm seriously impressed.
    And yes, bartering. Definitely a thing then, perhaps more than now. I'm not sure it was legal but when did that stop anyone? :-)
    J x

  2. Just curious, what are you most craving and looking forward to, once the rationing period has ended? Deb in Ohio

    1. I'm not craving any particular food, but I am craving free choice. The ability to open the fridge or cupboards and help myself to something I fancy with no limit to the amount or real need to stick to the menu so that we don't sabotage meals later in the week.

  3. You are doing really well and it just goes to show that you can get by with far less. I dare say the word rationing, like the word diet brings about negative connotations for many people.


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