Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Living on Rations - Week Four - Day 23 - A Mistake with Pastry

The day started well, with our porridgy breakfast eaten and cleared by 8.30, the dogs walked round the paddock and then Alan hitting the road with the truck and trailer for Aberystwyth to pick up some cut down to gate post size telegraph poles ...

... then I spotted I had left a pack of frozen pastry out of the freezer!!  

It was already soft around the edges there was nothing for it but to set to and plan what to use it for.  While I was thinking and it was continuing to thaw out, I chopped the vegetables for a pot of soup, using all the scraps and trimmings from the fridge.

Along with some of the leftover potatoes and the remaining stuffing patty from last nights tea I decided to use a spoonful of the vegetables from the new pan of soup I had just made, so I took them out to cool before whizzing up the rest of the panful.

I added a little bit of the gravy for moistness and used it as the filling for two pasties for tea .

With the rest of the pastry I turned the leftover sausage meat from last week into some sausage rolls.

I'm not the neatest of pastry rollers ...

... but the end results are always edible.

To keep things fair I have decided to take away the 4oz of Trex that I would have used to make some pastry this week.  This way although this pastry is white and puff, I would have had all the ingredients in our rations to make the same amount of pastry.   Oh well all is not lost, but I have had to revise the menu to accommodate the newly made sausage rolls and pasties.

I don't know if they made 'wedges' in wartime, but they definitely ate a LOT of potatoes. 

It was a nice simple tea, and as usual very filling even though it was small enough to be served on our small plates.

Plate sizes have altered so much in the years since the war.  I recently had some white plates ... all my crockery is white I don't know why I even specified that ... that were too big for the wall  cupboard door to close properly, they went in the car boot sale box when I realised I was making enough food to fill them.  Far better to have a small plate and fill it just enough to leave you pleasantly satisfied.

Our plates.

On the left one of our small sized plates, with a teaspoon to give an idea of size and on the right one of the large ones.  I tend to use the large ones if we are having a meal on our laps that requires Alan to be cutting up meat as it is easier for him to balance ... or for meals like Christmas dinner.   The smaller ones are for sandwiches and easier to eat cooked meals.

The same again with our bowls.

On the left one of our cereal/soup/ dessert bowls and on the right one of our 'pasta' bowls, which we also use for things like a curry served with rice or a Buddha bowl mix of foods.

We switched to all white crockery a few years ago ,it's the best move we made as it means that if we have a breakage replacements always match and we can add to it easily with things like teapots ...

... or pudding bowls.

Sue xx


  1. Although my plates, etc, are patterned, all the accessories are white and I prefer that. As you say, it's easier to match everything by colour than it is by shape or style and I like to have a variety of styles.
    Well done for getting round the pastry thing.
    J x

  2. Crockery has altered quote dramatically over the year. I think the quantity of tea needed to fill a mug these days would be at least two China teacups worth. Plus plates had a decorative rim, food was placed in the centre not touching rim.

  3. I have replaced all of our large dinner plates for smaller (wartime) sized over the years.
    "Always leave the table when you feel that you could eat a little more". A quote that I was brought up with.
    Prefer to use loose tea made in a teapot and use cups not mugs. Matching crockery does not bother me, I like mismatched things.
    Good going Sue!

  4. The pasties look lovely. I have never even thought to use stuffing to add flavour to veggie pasties so thank you for a very useful tip :)

  5. Our crockery is partly the matching set we got when we first moved in together nearly 20 years ago, and partly oddments that have been added to it since. We've got two different sizes of pasta bowls which don't match anything else, and two deep soup bowls that I've had for longer than I've had MrEH - and those don't even match each other, never mind anything else! My saucepans are a matching set though...which shows you where my priorities lie!

  6. Over the years I have amassed a variety of crockery and have some mid sized plates - smaller than dinner plates, bigger than a tea plate. I have started (when I remember) to serve my meals on these. It's supposed to make me eat less, but we'll see!

  7. Hi Sue,
    We replaced our dinner plates with side plates, as we were fitting the food to the plates which was too much. Better for the budget and our health.

  8. I have all white plates and bowls as well. However Harvey informed me that our next set should be grey.

    God bless.

  9. I have mostly white plates and bowls of different designs and sizes, and everything mixes and matches. I also have a few Blue Willow plates and red willowware bowls, and they all play well together. Deb in Ohio


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