Saturday, 10 March 2018

Living on Rations - Week Four - Day 26

I only realised this morning that we have barely touched our dried fruit ration, not good at all the reason rations were rations and worked out as they were was to make sure you got a balance of the vitamins and nutrients that you needed to keep body, if not soul together for the duration of the war.

I will rectify this immediately and put them to soak tonight in a strong solution of coffee to make my 'Tea Bread' ...but with coffee for a change.

Tea Bread

12oz Dried Fruit
4oz Dark Brown Sugar
1/2 pint of tea

Soak the fruit and sugar in the tea in a covered bowl overnight.

The next day add -

1 Egg
8oz SR Flour

Mix well, pour into a greased or lined loaf tin.
Bake for approx. 1 hour in a low to medium oven.
Keeps well for up to a week in a tin or sealed container.

Tea last night was Tomato Macaroni au Gratin, it's second appearance and quite rightly so as it's very tasty and easy to prepare ahead of time, keep in the fridge and reheat later.  Or cook and save the leftovers for reheating the next day as we have done with the other half of it.

This weeks menu had one day purposely left blank so we could use it as a day to eat up some leftovers.

I found this recipe in one of my books, and I might just have to give it a go even though it's not on the menu, it sounds like it would work well for us if I use leeks ... we have no more of our onion ration left.  Alan does have one more pork chop that he could eat with it, so he'll have something meaty on his plate to keep him happy.

One Man and His Sheep

Ethel the Sheep

Sue xx


  1. Ethel looks healthy now well done for looking after her so well Love MUM XX

  2. I love that tea loaf recipe and make it myself now and again. What a brilliant idea to use coffee instead.
    J x

  3. Reading through the post and everything looked tastier than the last. Have you gotten a little bit of a second wind to push through the end of the month maybe! Ah Ethel, I always enjoy an appearance by her :)

  4. Hmmm, the tea bread looks lovely and when you make it with coffee you must let us know how it tastes.

    God bless.

  5. I am going to make your tea loaf tomorrow. I hope you do try the carrot and leek pie.

  6. Awww Ethel! And that tea bread looks yummy - how interesting to make it with coffee.

  7. Love the photo of Ethel, she looks so good now thanks to your care.

  8. Ethel looks great. I could not do too long on the rations if I'm honest. I'd be totally sick of eating the same thing but as it was a patriotic duty during wartime I would just have had to suck it up. On the plus side I'd have been able to trade my meat, dairy and egg ration for other stuff I guess.

  9. It's so good to see that Ethel is now in such good condition. In my next life, I'm coming back as one of your animals.


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