Thursday, 1 March 2018

Living on Rations - Week Three - Day 17

Our first jointly made Wholemeal loaf.

I came down to find Alan and Ken already doing the business in the kitchen.  When Ken had finished his ten minutes of kneading I showed Alan how to knead by hand and then the bread was left to prove.  As Alan was then busy in the office I was in charge of the next kneading and shaping and the final cooking.  Between the two of us and Ken ... the Kenwood food mixer ... we turned out a bloody lovely tasting loaf of bread and a couple of buns.

Breakfast was toast, with the last of the marmalade scraped out of the jar for Alan and just dairy free spread for me.  And then I got on with little jobs, washing the clothes, cleaning out henhouses ...

... checking Ethel was happy in her just made and finished in time field shelter.

Yes, she's in there.  Snug as a sheep in a shelter  :-)

With the opening facing away from the worst of the weather and happily towards the chickens so she can keep an eye on her new friends.

She has an indoor food trough, for her dried pellets ...

... and when it rains she will have a good supply of fresh Welsh rainwater. 
In the meantime we are on bucket duty as usual.

Once the outdoor jobs were completed it was time to come inside to thaw myself out, have some soup for lunch and start prepping for tea. 

On the menu tonight were Smothered Sausages, from this book.

Really simple, basically it's just sausages or sausage meat topped with mashed potato. 

Gosh they were lovely.

But as they were so like a sausage-y Shepherds Pie I'm going to switch around the meals on the menu for the next two nights.

Later on for supper we had some Apple and Cinnamon Crumble with one of the jars of bottled apples in my little stash.

There was enough crumble mixture left over to save half for another night and my last jar of apple-y goodness.

Sue xx


  1. Bet that was nice. Lovely to try some of these recipes isn’t it?

    1. It is, and these wartime recipes are really something new for me.

  2. I love the "decorate with a fork" which is somehow supposed to make mashed potato sound pretty!

    1. I know :-)

      It does have a dual purpose though as well as looking 'pretty' if you make the ridges pronounced enough the very tops go nice and crispy :-)

  3. It all looks delicious, lovely comfort food.
    I do like Ethels shelter. I've just been in and out defrosting the rabbits water, bird water and cracking the pond. Brrr So much for the mild South West.Glad that the cold may kill off nasties in the soil though.

    1. My design and Alan's build. It all came together when he replaced the doors on his workshop and I said the old ones were the perfect size to be a roof for a field shelter 😊

  4. That all looks so tasty and the loaf is wonderful. Bet it tastes as good as it looks too.
    J x

  5. This post is a cozy one! I was reading going "who is Ken?" Lol. Ethel looks great, and what a nice shelter. Nice that's she has found friends in the chickens! Now she has her own henhouse too.

  6. I was wondering who Ken was also, ha! Deb in Ohio

  7. Ethel looks comfy in her new shelter. You got me with the sentence that started "Alan and Ken were" I had to stop and think KEN??? Do they have someone staying with them? It came to me AH Ken the mixer. Had I just kept on reading I would have found the answer. ;-)

  8. I really respect your decision to take your vegan label away. It's hard to go public about it.
    Will you eat eggs from your own hens now as you know that they have a good life in humane conditions?
    What did you substitute for sausages in your meal?
    We all make our own choices about meat eating.
    I try not to judge anyone's views in the hope that no one will judge me.

    1. I have occasionally had things with our eggs in them, or pastry dishes glazed with our eggs, I will most likely just continue to do the same.

      I use Linda McCartney Rosemary and Onion sausages, they are vegan and very tasty. I am still not eating ANY meat or dairy.

  9. That was real team work, well done Alan for having a go, he will be taking over your kitchen before long Sue.
    What a lovely shelter for Ethel, I am sure she really appreciates it. Your smothered sausages look lovely, just the sort of food for this weather.
    Stay warm x

  10. It's good to see that Ethel has recovered so well. Thanks for the Ethel update and your food still looks delicious despite not being able to be 'whatever you fancy, whenever you fancy it'.

  11. Lovely shelter Ethel has there.

    Your meals always look very appetizing.

    God bless.

  12. Hi, Was wondering about your crumble recipe. Can you write about how you make the crumble with different fruit? I printed off your recipe fro your blog but do not understand how you make your crumble and how you bake it.
    Thanx from across the pond,
    Alvin 45

  13. Simply put your fruit, or puree in a suitable dish and top with your crumble mix. Bake for aporox 30 minutes in a medium oven until the fruit is bubbling at the edges and your crumble topping is the colour you like it.


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