Saturday, 3 March 2018

Living on Rations - Week Three - Day 19 - Shepherdess Pie

Straight after a breakfast of steaming hot porridge I got all the ingredients out ready to make a Shepherdess Pie   I always think it's best to make this sort of dish either a few hours before you need it or the day before, as the flavours really do get better after it's been standing for a while.

I did the old 'rinse out the tin with water' trick (but in this case I used the potato water from the fridge) to get every bit of bean juice out of the can ... and the two stubborn beans clinging onto the bottom that did not want to be eaten, nothing gets away from me at the moment   ;-)

But not until after I had reserved a couple of tablespoonfuls to have with a cooked breakfast another day.

Here's the recipe if you would like it.  It's not a 'wartime' recipe as such but is just as good as any I have come across.

Once they were cooked the two 'pies' looked like this. 

One was topped with the saved mashed potato from the other night, and the other carefully wrapped and popped into the freezer for one night next week.  I know for a fact I am getting 'kitchen fatigue' so I want to have as simple a menu plan as possible for next week.  There is already a couple of pots of homemade soup, some ready made breadcrumbs and a few other bits and pieces that I can't think of off the top of my head.  But a couple of whole meals would be a real help.

It stayed grey and continued snowing ALL day yesterday. 

Our footprints from the day before were completely obliterated by teatime, and anywhere where we have handled water to thaw out drinkers for the birds and animals is now just pure ice.  We have both done comedy slips and slides down the hillside, keeping our fingers crossed  that passing motorists haven't witnessed anything too hilarious.  But carrying a bucket of water in one hand and a bowl of eggs in the other leaves you with nothing to grasp at the fence with when your feet decide to go in opposite directions.

The Shepherdess Pie was absolutely gorgeous and as it had just about all of our five a day in it we just had half each in one of our big bowls and sat in front of the television to eat it.  With the log burner blazing away, a bowl of hot food and a shared can of cider we spent the evening with a box set forgetting all about the slip sliding day we'd just managed to get through.

Sue xx


  1. Thank you so much for the recipe. I will adapt it to work with my regime and make it. Delicious!
    I also like to make my meals in the morning for more than one reason. It makes the evenings easier, the flavours definitely do develop and it stops me grabbing for the easiest option.
    J x

  2. Shepherdess pie is just delicious, especially on a cold Wintry day. Like you, I think it tastes much better the following day.
    Your evening sounded pretty perfect. Stay safe and warm. X

  3. we grew up calling this Gardener's Pie!

  4. hope you did not hurt yourselves love MUM XXx

  5. Thank you for the recipe and the chuckle to myself. I have a wicked sense of humour, slips, trips and falls have me in stitches.......I know I need help!

  6. Be careful as you are slip sliding away. You could end up with something broken.......

    God bless.

  7. The Shepherdess pie sounds very good. I see like me you love enamel ware.

  8. I made a large Cottage pie yesterday and we will have left overs again today with 2 portions in the freezer. SO good! Weather is so strange this year. the forecast for the Rocky Mountains is mid 60's(17-18c) under 5000 feet and 50's(13-14c) at higher elevations. It has been warmer than normal almost all winter this year but this is another really warm spell.


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