Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Getting Overly Excited ...

On Sunday night we were sat quietly watching the film The Edge of Love, a biography/romance film about the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas and his wife and friends, when Alan suddenly said 'there's your teapot' ... and sure enough on a table on the television there she was, my lovely enamel teapot in use.  To say I got a bit excited was an understatement ... I laughed afterwards at my reaction but I seem to have developed a real love affair with enamel kitchenalia :-)

We couldn't use my teapot for tea unless we had a houseful of guests as she holds enough for at least six big mugful's of tea or coffee .... or I guess at least a dozen wartime sized cups, but at least she is in everyday use collecting our small change instead of having a sealed pot.

Bought at the same time as my teapot were these brass candlesticks ...

... which in my opinion finish off our mantelpiece perfectly and which are also in regular use. 

We love to burn nightlights and candles, it makes for very atmospheric cosy nights in during the Winter especially, with the log burner blazing and snoozing animals on the mat in front of the fire.

I've really developed a passion for nostalgia and yesterday whilst downloading some photographs from my camera played with the effects on some of them.

Doesn't this food cupboard photograph look so much better in a black and white photo ...

... than it does in a colour one.

 Maybe I should have used black and white for the photos used on the blog during our rationing challenge ... ah well too late now.

Sue xx


  1. That is such a gorgeous fireplace. If I were the jealous type I would be - very. :-)

    If you do another challenge later on in the year, you could go black and white or even sepia for that maybe?

    J x

  2. I love enamelware and shall be on the lookout for more when the car boot season kicks off at the end of the month. I love black and white photos.

  3. I still have and use my mothers enamel teapot along with the old paraffin lamps. We had no electricity or running water when I was a child. Now, we have lots of power cuts and water tasting of swimming. pools.

  4. I love my enamel cookware and always look out for more at boot sales/charity shops. It can be quite expensive though, some places have jumped on the retro bandwagon and think they can charge the earth.

  5. Black and white photos leave something to the imagination still. No garish colours on packets to attract our 'shopping' attention.

  6. Funny to think how glad people were to have their old easily chipped and easily burned enamel saucepans replaced by nice stainless steel or non stick!

  7. I love your teapot! I agree that the black and white cupboard photo looks best. So envious of your mantel/fireplace.

  8. Your teapot makes the perfect "sealed pot" and as I love brass, I envy you your candlesticks.

    God bless.

  9. You're right about the black and white photos, and I love the enamel ware. I had a blue enamel tea kettle that sadly melted to the top of the stove after one of my cats climbed up there and flipped the nob for the burner. No one was home at the time and I was lucky the damage was minimal.


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