Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Shopping for Fresh Stuff

We called to Asda to pick up some tuna for Ginger so while we were there we picked up the bit of shopping that we needed/wanted for this week.  I say needed/wanted because although we needed some more spread all the rest were things that we both wanted.  Alan chose the melon and the peppers and I wanted some more tomatoes.  Even though tomatoes are out of season at the moment in the UK and compared to home grown ones taste of nothing much at all, I really wanted some more as  I enjoyed the ones we had whilst on rations so much.

I accidently threw away the receipt so I wrote down what these items cost me for posterity.

Left in The Purse £274.39

Remember our 12p each yellow stickered red roses that we bought two days after Valentines Day for each other ... well they've dried out lovely.  We currently have them on a saucer on our little dining table in the living room where they look very pretty. 

Not a bad investment for 24p  :-)

Sue xx


  1. You’re right, your roses are lovely.

  2. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about your challenge these last few weeks. Well done. and your Roses are lovely. x

  3. Beautiful roses and doesn't that fresh stuff look colourful. Both are a feast for the eyes!
    J x

  4. I see you picked the vine ripened tomatoes, I always buy them they have more flavour than the others which are just tasteless.

  5. Oh I bet you are relieved to be able to buy those! We have been using a uk seasonal box for the last month so mainly just roots and leaves and it's reminded us what it was like growing up in the uk in the 50s/60s. People must have longed for the spring/summer months 🙂

  6. Love the deep colour of the roses. It's good to see some colour in your good. It was a little beige throughout your challenge.

  7. Don't those roses look lovely! Did you do anything special to dry them out?
    I'm sure it must be very nice to treat yourselves to the fruit and veg!

  8. Evening Sue

    Beautiful roses. They must look stunning in real life. Have enjoyed your Wartime challenge and thought you and hubby were really good to see it through. I know what you mean by 'kitchen fatigue' :-(

    Best wishes to you all


  9. The roses are a lovely memento.


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